* Each Weekly Report contains a Merchantec Research Small & Mid Cap Ranking Table

DateTop StoryFeatured CompaniesDownload Weekly Update
24 May 2021 Weekly Update - 24 May 2021 RFG, SNV, ISB, AFT, QFHDownload
17 May 2021Weekly Update - 17 May 2021ADI, CGR, IVT, DTC, BWNDownload
10 May 2021Weekly Update - 10 May 2021ART, CGRDownload
3 May 2021Weekly Update - 3 May 2021RFG, QFHDownload
26 April 2021Weekly Update - 26 April 2021CSB, WKF, AFT, NWL, ADIDownload
19 April 2021Weekly Update - 19 April 2021EOHDownload
12 April 2021Weekly Update - 12 April 2021ADIDownload
7 April 2021Weekly Update - 7 April 2021 WKF, BWN, ISBDownload
29 March 2021Weekly Update - 29 March 2021WKF, MTA, JSC, EOHDownload
23 March 2021Weekly Update - 23/03/2021MTADownload
15 March 2021Weekly Update - 15/03/2021ADI, CGN, MFL, MTADownload
8 March 2021Weekly Update - 08/03/2021AVV, QFH, RFGDownload
01 March 2021Weekly Update - 01/03/2021MST, ADIDownload
22 February 2021Weekly Update - 22/02/2021WSL, OLG, CSBDownload
15 February 2021Weekly Update - 15/02/2121MST, MFLDownload
08 February 2021Weekly Update - 2021 Top PicksWSL, WKF, AVV, EOH, ADIDownload
02 February 2021Weekly Update - 02/14/2021ADI, EOH, CSBDownload
14 December 2020Weekly Update - 14/12/2020DTC, ART, ADR, IVT, RFG, SNVDownload
07 December 2020Weekly Update - 07/12/2020WSL, EOH, JSC, VUNDownload
30 November 2020Weekly Update - 30/11/2020QFH, ADR, VUNDownload
23 November 2020Weekly Update - 23/11/2020WSL, IVT, EOH, RFGDownload
16 November 2020Weekly Update - 16/11/2020AVV, SEP, ACGDownload
09 November 2020Weekly Update - 09/11/2020ART, SEP, DTCDownload
02 November 2020Weekly Update - 02/11/2020AFT, MIX, SNVDownload
26 October 2020Weekly Update - 26/10/2020CSB, DTC, CGR, EOH, ADIDownload
12 October 2020Weekly Update - 12/10/2020ADI, SNV, DTC, AFTDownload
05 October 2020Weekly Update - 05/10/2020BWN, AVV, CGR, ADI, ISBDownload
28 September 2020Weekly Update - 28/09/2020ADR, ACG, CTK, GPLDownload
21 September 2020 Weekly Update - 21/09/2020OLG, CGN, GPL, MFL, AFT, RFGDownload
14 September 2020Weekly Update - 14/09/2020BWN, AVV, VUN, MST, CGNDownload
07 September 2020Weekly Update - 07/09/2020CSB, BWNDownload
31 August 2020Weekly Update - 31/08/2020ADR, AFTDownload
24 August 2020Weekly Update - 24/08/2020MTA, CSB, BWN, WKF, AFT, ISB, IVTDownload
17 August 2020Weekly Update - 17/08/2020SEP, ACG, MSTDownload
11 August 2020Weekly Update - 11/08/2020ART, CSB, VUN, CTK, DTC, OLGDownload
03 August 2020Weekly Update - 03/08/2020SEP, EOH, AFTDownload
27 July 2020Weekly Update - 27/07/2020IVT, AFT, DTC, ART, WSL, BWNDownload
20 July 2020Weekly Update - 20/07/2020QFH, IVT, ISB, CGRDownload
13 July 2020Weekly Update - 13/07/2020QFHDownload
06 July 2020Weekly Update - 06/07/2020QFH, ADR, CGR, GPL, VUNDownload
29 June 2020Weekly Update - 29/06/2020JSC, WKF, EOHDownload
22 June 2020Weekly Update - 22/06/2020QFH, WSL, ARTDownload
15 June 2020Weekly Update - 15/06/2020EOHDownload
08 June 2020Weekly Update - 06/06/2020IVT, AVV, MTA, ARTDownload
01 June 2020Weekly Update - 01/06/2020DTC, BWN, AVV, IVT, MIX, JSCDownload
27 May 2020QFH: Egg Prices Impact EarningsSNV, AFT, BWN, VUN, CGRDownload
18 May 2020CTK: Strong growth in new subscribersCGR, AFT, DTCDownload
11 May 2020ADR: Rough Year Erodes EarningsACGDownload
28 April 2020NWL: Pursuing growth in offshore marketsWSL, CSBDownload
20 April 2020ECS: Weaker Results Amid Capital RestructuringCTKDownload
14 April 2020EOH: Reduced loss and debt burdenAFTDownload
06 April 2020WKF: Mixed Results in Tough ConditionsJSC, ACG, MTA, EOHDownload
30 March 2020JSC: Continues recoveryRFG, ACGDownload
23 March 2020BWN: Healthy Demand Boosts RevenueMTA, EOH, TAS, GPLDownload
16 March 2020CGN: Private Property dilutes Group HEPSMFL, GPLDownload
9 March 2020AVV: Distributions to Blame for Underwhelming ResultsCSB, CGN, CTK, SEPDownload
2 March 2020ADI: Internationalising Away from a Tough SA MarketCSB, CTK, MST, DTC, ACGDownload
24 February 2020WSL: Voluntary Strategic and Operational UpdateBWN, GPL, SEP, MST, MFLDownload
17 February 2020AVV: Wobbles on Operational InefficienciesADIDownload
10 February 2020OLG: Stutters on Suppressed Cross-border VolumesIVTDownload
3 February 2020EOH: Voluntary Operational UpdateMIXDownload
27 January 2020Workforce: Announcement of Chartell Business College AcquisitionCSB, SEPDownload
20 January 2020Top Small-Cap Picks and Recommendations for 2020BWN, VUN, QFH, WSL, ADI, EOH, AVV, WKF, NWL, JSCDownload
17 December 2019EOH: Disposal of Non-Core Assets ContinueWSL, ECSDownload
2 December 2019Wescoal: Poised for a Productive Second HalfIVT, QFH, ACGDownload
25 November 2019Rhodes Food Group: Pleasing Growth from Overall GrowthTAS, JSCDownload
11 November 2019Wescoal: Downturn in ProfitabilityRFG, SEPDownload
4 November 2019Taste: Tapping Out of the Food BusinessSNV, MIX, NWL, AFTDownload
28 October 2019Cartrack: Expanding its Subscription BaseCGR, QFH, BWNDownload
21 October 2019EOH: Righting the ShipADI, ADR, DTC, IVT, SNVDownload
14 October 2019Vunani: Decline in Commodities TradingJSC, EOH, CGR, ISBDownload
7 October 2019Jasco: DisposalADR, ADI, CTK, DTC, VUNDownload
30 September 2019Ecsponent: MyBucks Deal UnderwayDownload
25 September 2019Rhodes Food Group: Trading UpdatesAVV, QFH, EOH, CGNDownload
9 September 2019Cashbuild: Pressured Consumer SpendingACG, CSB, MFL, DTC, CGNDownload